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About Us

"Sendero" Spanish - Meaning Trail or Pathway
We want to be the Sendero to your Technology needs

With over 20 years in the IT and Tech industry, I decided it was time to help those who don’t have the technical skills needed to keep up with today’s ever changing business and internet world. Our focus is to help those who want to promote their small business online but don’t know where or how to start. We may not be the right solution for everyone, especially those with technical skills as they will say “We can do that ourselves” and they would be correct, you can. However, that is not who our target market is.


Being a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles and we want to help you with this very small but important part of your business. The small business is making a comeback in our country and we want to help you be successful with yours. We will never sell you a service or product you don’t need and we will never have any surprise costs.


We are also happy to work with private organizations and the everyday person who just needs some help.


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